About Us

MAX - Dream big at a small price. Imagine a huge, sprawling space, where each shelf is stocked with attractive, high-quality stuff for the whole family, from magnificent toys, bags, and schoolbags, that would spark joy in every child's heart; through a wide variety of arts supplies and stationery, that would fill a dull afternoon with excitement; to home accessories and kitchen utensils, maintenance and gardening tools, decorative bathroom accessories, electric utilities, and much, much more. In the chain of your dreams, there are no useless items.

All items are designed for ongoing usage, all showcased in the same place, and all are SO attractive... and if that's not enough, the prices are so cheap and affordable, that you just won't be able not to buy.

Now open your eyes.

Yes, you can believe your eyes - this is not a dream.

MAX is a unique chain, which lives up to each customer's dream of big shopping at a small price.

Come take a look at the variety of colorful choice. Choose something useful as a gift to a loved one.

Surprise your kid for their birthday. Spoil your spouse with some luxurious home accessory. Spoil yourself with a new desk stand for your office.

Enjoy impressive prices and reliable quality.

Feel the warm hospitality of our staff, and wait impatiently for new products at affordable prices.


Yes, this is what it looks like when everybody can buy what they want.

when you are in the center, shopping is a pleasant experience.

Our customers return to their favorite stores over and over again, for the helpful and professional service which doesn't cut any corners (and yet, the price is always right...).

MAX encompasses 50 stores all over Israel, stocking a huge variety of items.

Our convenient, inviting stores, the reasonable prices, and the astonishing variety which always manages to thrill and excite, will turn your shopping experience into a pleasant surprise.

MAX employs over a thousand professional associates who will be happy to assist you at any time, and to answer any question you may ask.

Our flagship store, in Admirality Center at 71 Khalutzei HaTa'a'ssiya St., Haifa, offers 5,000 square meters of thrills and surprises.

We invite you to drop by, have a look around, and fulfill your shopping dreams.

Over the last few years, our chain have grown and expanded, with new stores opening rapidly and a rising tide of customers.

Today we operate dozens of stores across Israel, most of them big and spacious, located mostly in busy shopping hubs and open-air compounds.

Additionally, our chain operates 2 subsidiary chains with smaller stores: MAX HOBBY for art & craft supplies, as well as all your birthday needs, and MAX 20 where all items cost 20 NIS or less.



As part of our vision of social responsibility, combining financial gain with social values, the MAX chain chose to direct its efforts towards the advancement of people with disabilities, and their integration into Israeli society, based on the belief that each and every person could and should find their place in society, according to their capabilities.

Along with the chain's growth, employment of people with disabilities has been expanded, and today these employees can be found in almost every one of our stores, being an integral part of the MAX family.

We collaborate with several organizations and companies which work towards the placement of workers with disabilities in the free market, and we view them as partners in our success.

The employment of people with disabilities in our stores is a significant contribution to their own lives, to the lives of our workers as a whole, and to our general awareness of the need to include and employ people with disabilities in our society at large.

Our stores provide vacancies in retail and customer service, thus enabling our employees, with additional support from Israel Elwyn Foundation and Shiluvim LTD, to acquire work experience in a field where experienced workers are in constant demand.